The Last Mountain Lake Stewardship Group (LMLSG) – A volunteer stewardship group established to monitor and protect the water quality of Last mountain lake.

Links to Council Meetings and Committees

2023 Council Meeting Schedule

2023 Council Committees and Appointments

Links to Property Development Forms

Application_property_improvement_2016 Use this form to apply for a Permit to change  your property (lot) by constructing retaining walls, excavations soil and or adding fill material to change the drainage of your property, installation of fencing etc.

Application_Building_2013 Use this form to apply for a Permit to construct any building larger than 100 square feet.

Application_Demolition_2015 Use this form to apply for a Permit to relocate a building, demolish a building, demolish a retaining wall, or other structure

Links to Other Forms

Fireworks Application Form

Dog/Cat – Complaint Form – use to register a written complaint – deliver to Village Office

APPLICATION & PERMIT  for the  TEMPORARY USE OF A TRAILER COACH– Application  to park and use a trailer coach for a 2 year period while constructing a residence


Making a Bylaw Complaint

Links to Information

Kannata Valley Crime Neighbourhood Watch  – A pamphlet on the Kannata Valley Neighbourhood Watch Program

Reducing Risks of Fires Tips for reducing the risk of fires.

Policy Manual – A summary of  Bylaws and Municipal Policy

Reference Manual for Bylaws and Regulations -A handy reference manual

Kannata Valley Kats Rescue – A local Non-Profit that works to rescue, spay/neuter and rehome stray cats that are within the village.



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Active Bylaws

    4 Traffic Signs Erection and Observance of Traffic Signs
    8 VOTERS LIST Dispense with Voter’s list
    9 STREET NAME Change the Name of Street
    17 FIREARM Prohibit the Discharge of Firearms
    40.2 NOISE ABATEMENT Control & prevention of loud & excessive noise
    41.1 RECREATIONAL FIRES Restrict Open Fires
    44 Respecting the Expropriation of Land Acquisition of land above Kannata Valley and intended zoning
    46 Close Highway To Close a Public Highway re: Lot 1A
    51 Land Expropriation Amend bylaw #44 to correct land description
    52 Library Association with: Parkland regional Library
    64 BYLAW MANAGEMENT To authorize consolidation, revision, repeals
    65.2 Penalty General Penalty
    66.1 Administrative Duties and Powers of Council Designated Officers
    67 COUNCIL PROCEEDURE Governance Procedure of Council
    68 RECORDS MANAGEMENT Municipal Records Management Policy
    69 69 PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice Policy
    70 NUISANCE Nuisance Abatement Policy
    71 PLANNING The Basic Planning Statement
    72.3 Zoning Regulates the use of land
    73.2 Building Bylaw Regulates Property Developments & Improvements
    74.1 Dog Cat 18APRIL16 Bylaw to regulate Dogs & Cats
    75.1 REFUSE MANAGEMENT Regulates us of Refuse Transfer Station
    76.1 TRAILER Permitted use of trailer coaches
    77.2 PROPERTY TAXES Collection of Property Taxes (Sets Discount Rates)
    78 Sewage Regulates the Storage and Disposal of Sewage
    79.5 79.5 WATER BYLAW Regulates fees re: Use of water from system
    80 Mutual Aid Agreement Agreement with Lumsden Fire Department
    81.3 Traffic Bylaw Regulates operation and parking
    82 SNOWMOBILE Regulates operation of snowmobiles
    84.1 Property Development Regulates Property Developments & Improvements
    85 WATER METERS Regulates Water Meter Installation & Maintenance
    86.2/20 Water Rates Bylaw Regulates Water rates
    86.3/20 Bylaw to Amend Water Rates Bylaw No. 86.2-20  
    87 FIREWORKS BYLAW Regulates Fireworks
  90 BORROWING BYLAW To finance the addition of chlorine gas to water treatment plant
  91.1 BORROWING BYLAW To finance the addition of a second well
  92 92 CODE of ETHICS BYLAW To outline basic ethical standards and values for members of council
  95-19 Bylaw Enforcement Officer To enforce by-laws enacted by the Village