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High Speed Internet

Rural High-Speed Internet Expansion to Kannata Valley.

Kannata Valley is one of the communities that will benefit from this Federal Government initiative. Flexnetworks will be installing the required underground line from Regina which they anticipate will be completed by December 2021. There are no details provided on the specific services or costs to use the services as Flexnetworks is doing the installation but will be allowing internet providers access to the infrastructure. This will provide a valuable amenity and is a big step forward for our community.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENCE – Bylaw Enforcement Officer

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer shall commence enforcement duties May 2021 and will the enforcing the following Bylaws:

65.2 – Penalty Bylaw

70 – Nuisance Abatement Policy

76.1 – Trailer Bylaw

81.3 – Traffic Bylaw

Should you have a concern/complaint regarding a Bylaw Infraction please contact the office by phone or email.   Phone 306-731-2447 Email

We will require the following information be provided:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Nature of the concern/complaint
  • Location of concern

Concern/complaints requiring the intervention of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer will be forwarded along with your contact information.




This letter is to inform residents of the Crime Neighbourhood Watch program in Kannata Valley and its objective.  We invite you to participate in this program.

Crime Neighbourhood Watch is a program aimed at reducing crime in the community.  It involves getting to know one’s neighbours and introducing them to the concept of Neighbourhood Watch – that is, good neighbours working together, alert to the potential of crime and willing to look out for one another’s interests.  Neighbours working together through Neighbourhood Watch can combat crime in their area the most effective way before it starts.  The program will also help to co-ordinate the efforts of the police and the community in tracking down criminals.

Our objective is: to provide a means of reducing the opportunity for crime to occur, through the active participation of residents in crime prevention.

Strong community involvement is encouraged because neighbourhood unity can deter crime.  Neighbours joined together do help correct situations that threaten their peace and safety. This program is designed to help create a secure environment for your family, home and property.

Crime Neighbourhood Watch Committee

Kannata Valley is divided into five zones with one captain and assistant for each zone and overseen by a co-ordinator.  When a crime occurs in one zone we ask that the residents first notify the RCMP, then notify their zone captain or assistant who in turn will notify the co-ordinator. The co-ordinator will then notify the remaining captains and assistants.  All the captains and assistants will notify the residents. This procedure ensures the entire village will be on the alert.

New residents to Kannata Valley are asked to contact the captain or assistant their address comes under.   The captain or assistant will then provide information on how to make their homes less inviting as a target for thieves; how to participate in Operation Identification;  making their personal property less desirable to burglars; how to be alert to suspicious activity in their neighbourhood; and what to do when homes will be unattended for any length of time.

Together with your help we will try to keep this community safe.

Please keep the attached information close at hand and notify your captain or assistant along with the RCMP should a problem arise.

In Case of an Emergency Contact:

LUMSDEN RCMP DETACHMENT – 1 – (306) 731-4270


Click here for Zone Contacts

Good afternoon,

As a result of discussions held at the meeting on March 27, 2019, please find attached information regarding the new Sask Crime Watch Advisory Network.  You are invited to upload the document to your website and post it in your offices to promote this new initiative.

When the RCMP detachment becomes aware of an incident or crime, an advisory can be issued via this system and local residents who have signed up for the program will become aware of what has happened.  We want rural residents to feel safe in our communities.  By receiving advisories and reporting crimes or suspicious activities, residents can help foster resilient hometowns that actively prevent crime, enhancing public safety.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Lumsden RCMP at (306) 731-4270.


Lumsden RCMP

Click Here for the Sask Crime Watch Advisory Network Flier


This message is for Kannata Valley and Rock Ridge Residents:

Your welcome to take as much ‘shredded’ tree mulch as you wish. This mulch does not contain any elm tree product and it is good as a ground cover for around a tree base or shrub area.

The pile of mulch is in the RTS (Refuse Transfer Site) and can be picked up during regular site operation hours. Sorry, we have no loading equipment on site – you will have to bring your own tools, equipment and manpower.