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High Speed Internet

Rural High-Speed Internet Expansion to Kannata Valley.

Kannata Valley is one of the communities that will benefit from this Federal Government initiative. Flexnetworks will be installing the required underground line from Regina which they anticipate will be completed by December 2021. There are no details provided on the specific services or costs to use the services as Flexnetworks is doing the installation but will be allowing internet providers access to the infrastructure. This will provide a valuable amenity and is a big step forward for our community.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

NOTICE TO ALL RESIDENCE – Bylaw Enforcement Officer

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer shall commence enforcement duties May 2021 and will the enforcing the following Bylaws:

65.2 – Penalty Bylaw

70 – Nuisance Abatement Policy

76.1 – Trailer Bylaw

81.3 – Traffic Bylaw

Should you have a concern/complaint regarding a Bylaw Infraction please contact the office by phone or email.   Phone 306-731-2447 Email

We will require the following information be provided:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Nature of the concern/complaint
  • Location of concern

Concern/complaints requiring the intervention of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer will be forwarded along with your contact information.